I walk with her, my Queen, across the earth.
The ground trembling in our wake.
My armor is removed and my sword left behind
Only at her request.
Enrobed in simple linens;
Her cream colored shift almost matching.
I want to steal glances as we walk
But I am ever alert, heightened.
She will be safe for she is my Queen,
My Hummingbird,
My Everything.
And one never knows
What dragons walk the earth;
Looking to take my Queen.

I love this.



Two Names

You still say his name in your sleep
and it wrecks me each time I hear it.
This is why I try to fall asleep
before you do.

It’s not that I don’t want to
stay up and talk,
I just don’t want to wonder
if I’ll hear his name again.

I know you care for me,
but how am I supposed to
be your only when his name
is still on your lips?

There was a sob in your voice
when you said his name tonight.
I could hear the heartbreak
when his name slipped past.

I’m sorry that you’re still
not healed from his wounds,
but I am here and trying to deal with
his haunting memory like you are.

What’s hard to be okay with,
is if I left you,
I don’t think there would be
two names you call out at night.

I can’t sell her wedding rings.

-A Six Word Story by The Incomplete

Your breathing is the only thing
I want to hear when I’m done,
and sometimes…
not even that.

Tongue laced with the sweetest venom.

– A Six Word Story by The Incomplete

Thoughts From An Anti-Theist


Do not allow your desires to dictate your beliefs. Do not surpass the truth for a happier ending. This is all there is and all there ever will be. The realization that we are in fact finite beings can be overwhelming. I feel overwhelmed all the time, because it would seem to be easier to believe…



You nearly saw me cry.
You nearly saw me
convey emotion physically.
You nearly saw me
at my most vulnerable.

My Heart

It has continued to beat through everything I’ve been through. My heart never quit on me even when I was ready to.

Thank you.


As you are more beautiful than my eyes can take in at once, I can catch only glimpses of you that leave me breathless and when I do manage to catch my breath, it’s only when your face is buried into my chest and you’re feeling my heartbeat steady from what I saw just a moment before. Then you lift your face from my chest and look up at me, I breathe you in, and my heart rate rises and you bury your face in my chest once again, continuing the vivacious cycle of you making my heart race and you feeling it beat strongly and slow down as I catch my breath.

You are comparable to the drag of a cigarette. You fill me with your air and as I exhale and catch my breath, I know that you are slowly killing me, but yet I still take another deep breath of you.


Falling in love is more like falling on a sword, with the exception that swords don’t lie. They tell you straight away that they’ll cut your fucking heart out.

Loving yourself is the first step to knowing what real love is. Everything else comes easily after step one.


The monsters weren’t hiding
under my bed.
The monsters were living
inside of my head.

And no matter what poison
I take, they survive.
They only feed.
They cannot die.


Dear Daughter,
My greatest advice to you would be
to live life, love often, feel everything,
and don’t be afraid to make mistakes
because even after all that I’ve done,
the mistakes I’ve made, and heartbreak,
I was still given someone wonderful:


Strings and Spaces

Strings and Spaces