Kiss and Tell

I want to kiss you beyond the measure that words can describe but I refuse to hold you close when I do.

I’ll kiss you but only from the greatest distance possible, because I’m afraid that if I kissed you close, I would never be able to part from you. I would never be able to let go, and you would surely be the death of me.

Please, just let me kiss you from far away. I’m too weak to be able to do so holding you and live to tell about it.

Sometimes, you just need to go inked to be wounded and for it to forever remind you that you can feel.

Your Kiss

Your love tastes like
ash in my mouth
but it reminds me of
the hell I call home.

Forgetting you would be forgiving myself.

– Six Word Story by TheIncomplete

Anonymous asked: I don't mean to pry but as a long time follower, I've noticed a lot of your writing seems to be about the death of a loved one...did the girl you love end her own life?

First, thank you for following me and for so long. I greatly appreciate it and feel humbled.

Second, the answer to your question is no. I just write and originally that piece was going to be a bit more romantic but as I was writing it, it evolved into what I posted. Nearly everything I write is made up and on-the-spot. I write to write with those whom cannot express what they feel or once felt and hopefully give them something that they can connect with. I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been quite immersed in writing a novel and I’m completely in love with it. When I’m in love, I drown in what I feel and it’s a glorious and beautiful sight to behold because most often, what I have inside cannot be seen as it is hidden and guarded like the holy of holies.

Thank you twice more!

Anonymous asked: You are such a douche, dude.

Thanks for cheering! I like your sunglasses.


I’m told there are many fish in the sea, but they just don’t understand, do they?

Yes, they’re correct in saying that there are many fish, just like there are many oysters – but not all oysters have something precious inside of them. Not all keep a pearl hidden within. Not all fish are worth keeping.

She was neither fish nor oyster but to compare her to a pearl would be more accurate. I loved her brilliantly, but I couldn’t provide what she needed to shine brightly and mimicking a pearl on a string, she hung herself with a rope and left me with the memory of her brilliance.

Now, I am like a oyster, guarding her memory – my own brilliant pearl inside of me.

The Number


The number of times she told me that she loved me directly reflects the number of times she lied to me.

I remember writing this and thinking, “I should have lied much more.”

I’ll never forget how you tasted.

- Six Word Story by TheIncomplete

Anonymous asked: Do you have a girlfriend?

No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve been without one for a very long time but there have been some that I’ve been interested in. When I met her, I told her that I would wait for her and that’s what I’m doing.


You make my blood coagulate in my veins.
You make my cells starve.
Breathe into me once again
and keep me from starving
for just one more breath.

Everyday has earned a smile
no matter what kind of day you’re experiencing.

Everyday has earned a smile
no matter what kind of day you’re experiencing.


You make me tremor with the simplest of looks. As much as I hate to admit, you make me mortal. It’s not that I am against feeling vulnerable around you - it’s when you’re not around me that I dislike.

I fear that I may be killed and not be able to rise as I once was felt I was able to. Because of you, I now know that when I die, my mortal flesh with not melt away to reveal a godly form that was trapped beneath.

Oh, but when I’m with you…
Though I know I am merely a mortal man, you make me feel godlike. When we lie together, I feel like I can pierce the veil between worlds and show you the heavens. I feel that when you force my roar to escape my throat, the pillars holding up paradise’s roof quake.

You make me tremble with your presence, but when you take me into your embrace, it’s the heavens that feel fear.

Why do you keep saying that?!

My favorite person took me to see my favorite movie and I’ll love my favorite person forever for it. My favorite person got to see my walls come down and recite dialogue and laugh villainously through the entirety of my favorite movie and it’s one of the fondest memories of my life.

(Source: ballcocktail, via darkinterludes)

List of Loves


I love you like the morning
and how you’re the first I see.
I love you like the air
you have made me breathe.

I love you like September
and the changing of the leaves.
I love you like December
and the gifts you’ve given me.

I love you for your smile
and how it warms me.
I love you for…